Nhà sản xuất: Texas Instruments (TI)

- Kiểu chân: SOIC (8); Hãng: TI;

- Voltage Supply Single/Dual ±3 V ~ 30 V / ±1.5 V ~ 15 V, Gain Bandwidth product: 1.1MHz, Current  Supply: 700µA.

Giá: 2,500đ/ con

S.LượngĐơn giá

Còn: 180

Số lượng mua:

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LM358D - Low power, low input bias current, SOIC(8) DataSheet


hese circuits consist of two independent, high-gain, internally frequency-compensated op-amps, specifically designed to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages. The low-power supply drain is independent of the magnitude of the power supply voltage.
Application areas include transducer amplifiers, DC gain blocks and all the conventional op-amp circuits, which can now be more easily implemented in single power supply systems. For example, these circuits can be directly supplied with the standard +5 V, which is used in logic systems and will easily provide the required interface electronics with no additional power supply.
In linear mode, the input common-mode voltage range includes ground and the output voltage can also swing to ground, even though operated from only a single power supply voltage.


Internally frequency-compensated

Large DC voltage gain: 100 dB

Wide bandwidth (unity gain): 1.1 MHz (temperature compensated)

Very low supply current per operator essentially independent of supply voltage

Low input bias current: 20 nA (temperature compensated)

Low input offset voltage: 2 mV

Low input offset current: 2 nA

Input common-mode voltage range includes negative rails

Differential input voltage range equal to the power supply voltage

Large output voltage swing 0 V to (VCC+-1.5 V)

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